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The Walk of Life: What is Education For? 




Have you ever.... 




feeling constrained or stressed by academics? 


never explored the educational roots of McGill? 


feeling ambivalent about your education and what you can contribute to sustainability? 


what is education for? For myself, or for society? 





McLennan Library

McLennan Library

McLennan Library Lobby Entrance (by the donor tree)


To contrast the above outdoor walk on Mont-Royal, this walk will take us into the roots and foundations of McGill University. Knowledge, legacy, history....some major themes surrounding the value and meaning of education in society and in our own lives. This Walk will comprise of some body work, observation and sharing, discussion and interesting facts about our campus! 


Time: Every Wednesday at 4pm


Location: Meet inside of the Lobby Entrance at McLennan Library (by the donor tree) 



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